We play a lot of PlayStation 1-era games here at Game Informer as part of our Replay show. We have a soft spot in particular for survival-horror games of that era, in all their paddle-handed, flat-face glory. Indie devs have turned to games from the pixelated age of 8- and 16-bit games for inspiration, and for good reason: They look cool. But what of those angular, aliased and grubby-looking PS1 and Saturn games? Does anyone remember those? Apparently, a Japanese indie developer does, and he's tapping into the style for an all new adventure.

There's not much to see yet from Takaaki Ichijo's game Back in 1995, but the clip below should instantly show what he's going for. It captures the essence of those mid-'90s games, with their funky textures, flashing seams, and amateurish camera work. While terrible controls would make it more accurate of an experience, we're hoping he goes easy on us in that department. 

Ichijo says that we'll be seeing more of the game at the Tokyo Indie Fest 2015, in the early part of May.

[Source: Rely on Horror via Kotaku]