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  • Blog Post: A MOBA For The Rest of Us

    Don’t be fooled by the screenshots. Awesomenauts may look like a Mega Man-inspired 16-bit throwback, but it’s actually a 2D, pared-down version of popular MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games like League of Legends. In many ways, it’s a perfect introduction to the concepts of... More
  • Blog Post: There's A New Sheriff In Town, And He Brought A Bull

    Awesomenauts has been described as a mix between League of Legends/DotA and Super Smash Bros. Even if you aren't a fan of those games, take note: Ronimo Games' upcoming DLG looks like it'll be a good time for anyone who likes blowing things up, competition, and summoning angry bulls. In other... More
  • Blog Post: Awesomenauts Trailer Delivers The ‘80s Charm

    Developer Ronimo Games is ready to show off its new game, Awesomenauts, and the trailer makes us long for the classic Saturday morning cartoons of yesteryear. Awesomenauts takes place in the year 3587. Intergalactic war has erupted and huge robot armies are locked in a stalemate. The game combines classic... More
  • Blog Post: Awesomenauts Trailer Is, Well, Awesome

    This game might have the best theme song ever produced for a video game. Was that hyperbole? Well, it's only appropriate when you're talking about a game called Awesomenauts. The upcoming XBLA and PSN downloadable game is set to release in late 2011. You play as part of an elite mercenary team... More
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