Level Plains of Goliath (Na'vi)

You start of In the Na'vi village with Beyd'amo telling you to help 3 of The Na'vi leaders throughout the plains with some trouble that the RDA is giveing them. As you progress through each sector kill the RDA personal to gain some XP and level up if you can. Once you found each Na'vi leader they will tell you to kill  RDA commander that is incharge of there sector. As you Fight each RDA Commander they have there own fighting style. Like just standard issue firearms, to Gernade launchers, to the mighty AMP suit. Then return to beyd'amo and he'll tell you to take a banshee and fly to the next mission. But before you do make sure you complete any sector challenges you can like destroy all APOD, and lift the fog( Uncover the entire map) Or kill a certain amount of guys to give you XP, completeing these sector challenges rewards you with a good decent chunk of XP which will help you unlock new weapons and Armor. After you complete the main mission you journey to tantualas to stop captain falco.