You wont need this guide if you dont play this game.  I pllayed its and let me says it s bad very bery bad.  Like Jeryy spriga bad.  YEAH DAWG is aallllllll they scream and all the smurfs does is poop theres pants whille Jimmy C calls in the BOOM.  onow on ot dat gid ue Yeah i sppecaks the ingles.  Well dont buy this bc ut it will win GOTY not MW2 that game sucked.  BUY THIWS and fave hun.  its very goodz and u will like I kgive it 11/10 thats how good it is dawg son lyeah ghoomswes.  Dont hate the game hate the playa and thats a factse yeah i know s u hate exx im Bill-BobinJoe on the PSN feel free to sent me hate mail and the such beasue i tarhst ur favorite game son ur a home and i vlie u in the house.