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Give the Navi a Chance!

Okay well first off i feel bad for this game to start off with people all around are saying this game is a waste and not to get it but i feel differently... what i mean by that is i think this game sure has a lot of potential and i think it lives up to that but what it boils down to is if the gamer has the patience to play it. Aside from its killer graphics the actual game play is not too bad and the fact that you can choose to be human or Navi is awesome because you can explore different parts of Pandora. The missions that you need to complete are not to bad and overall i think its a game and worth a try from everyone!

  • I agree but you have to have noticed that its flaws outweigh the good things. mostly i am mad because this was a present to me and the makers could have taken the time to make it better it is all their problem. if they had made it like the movie and if they had been working on it for more than 2 hours it would have been wonderful

    1. you die every second! even if your awesome at it

    2. there is nothing new! new weapons but you play them all the same.

    3. no new experiences you go do some stupid quest and than you do it all over again somewhere else.

    4. i get killed a lot because the humans clothes are a exact match to the jungles

    5. nobody is on multiplayer

    6. so much lag

    7. terrible plotline

  • I'm confused by your defense of this game.  You gave it a 6.5; I compare my ratings to grades in school.  Thus, by your rating, this game fails.  What do you want from us, mr. filmmaker?!?  :)