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Asura's Wrath

Asura Isn't The Only One Who's Angry

We already know a bit about Asura, the scorned ex god who is taking on his former allies on a revenge-fueled mission. Today, Capcom revealed that even though he's in the game's title, he's not the only star of this show.

According to Capcom, Yasha is Asura's brother-in-law, who's angry at Asura for his sister's untimely death. Yasha is faster than Asura, but there's no word on if he's able to sprout extra limbs. We do, however, know that he has a completely excellent mask.

We'll know more about Yasha at TGS next week. In the meantime, look at the screens in the gallery below.

Asura's Wrath is due out on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in early 2012.

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  • This game looks ridiculously fun.

  • Scorned ex god seeking revenge on other gods in a third person action game. Why hasn't someone done that before???
  • The polish on those screenshots looks amazing. Considering they still have a few more months to work with this, it looks like it should be a great game. Let's hope the gameplay can hold up to the polish and graphics.

  • Reminds me of an over-the-top Asian God of War.
  • This just keeps getting better and better

  • Interesting, more info please.

  • This is the Worst Trend in Video games, worst than most FPS being the same. God Of War - Greek Mythology Dante's Inferno - Christian GoW Darksiders - Norse GoW Asura's Wrath - Hindu GoW This is lazy.
  • Excellent

  • IS Yasha Battling on Cybertron or something.

  • I wasn't aware that this game had futuristic/heavy technological aspects. It's starting to look more like an M rated Samurai Jack. I approve of this.

  • Liking the look of this game the more I see of it, should prove to be at least an over-the-top fun kind of game.

  • looks like a cool guy to play as.

  • 2012 is going to be great!

  • This game looks amazing! Every time I show it to someone they find it a bit comical, but I can't wait to get my hands on it.

  • Hes in this trailer:

  • Looks like he poses better than asura too.

  • I'm sold on Asura.  I'll need to see more on this guy, however.

  • Mod

    I've already decided to pick this one up. Everything I've seen and read about it gets me excited for an over the top action game.

    Looking forward to it.

  • It's kinda like a reality show "Everyone Hates Azura!"

  • Oh? Angry god has angry step-brother? The plot thickens.

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