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Asura's Wrath

New Asura's Wrath Screens Are Epic, Confusing

Capcom's upcoming Asura's Wrath is an unapologetically over-the-top take on the action genre, as these new screens demonstrate with explosions, overpowered attacks, and glowing-eyed muscly dudes.

Most of the screens in the gallery below feature Asura, the six-armed protagonist who looks unreasonably mad about something. Then again, the game is called Asura's Wrath, not Asura's Summertime Picnic, or Asura's Afternoon Nap, so I guess his anger is justified. Beyond that, I have no idea what's going on in these screens, but our previous hands-on time with the game proved entertaining to say the least, so stay tuned for more coverage of Asura's Wrath from this year's Gamescom. In the meantime, take a gander at the new pics below.

[UPDATE]: You can now watch the Gamescom trailer for the game. It's even more confusing than the screens alone:

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  • Reminds me of the time I got into a fist-fight with my dad on the moon. Oh... wait... that was Reptar.
  • Asura's Afternoon Nap needs to be a minigame in this title:)

    At any rate, I'm pretty excited for this. CyberConnect 2 is a fantastic, oft-underrated Japanese developer. It's cool whenever a Japanese dev busts out a stunning HD era game (not nearly enough have jumped onboard the 360, PS3 and "HD era" PC...which is disconcerting considering they've been out for 5 years), but these guys have been pumping out jaw dropping games for this generation of tech since Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm. Not to mention, their .hack games were cool, and the Tail Concerto/Solatorobo series is charming as all heck. They're a fantastic developer. I hope Asura's Wrath puts them on more people' radars...

    Seriously, their animators have gotten unbelievably good since handling Naruto on the HD consoles. It's a shame there's still some "dopey anime" stuff going on here. I mean, seriously - find me one person IN THE WORLD who would ever say, "Than show me....WITH YOUR FISTS!!!". And, no, they can't be an otaku nerd. A REAL person:) Can't be done. That's bad dialogue. I wish more Japanese developers could write better; more Cowboy Bebop or 009-1 quality, less ...everything else.
  • I have no idea what I just looked at or watched.
  • (sigh) I don't understand... This game looks confusingly awesome.

  • I have never done any recreational drugs in my life...But, I imagine that they would make this game the best thing in existence, I imagine.
  • reminds of god of war, ya' now kratos killing his dad. this guy fighting a guy who licks like him , but older and less arms.
  • So, is this guy powering up? Is he going to go Super Sayian?
  • ...what did I just watch?

    -1 for improper use of "epic," Jeff.

  • Is it just me or did Jeff Bridges just beat the **** out of an angry version of Dante with 6 arms?
  • his dad's sword is even bigger that sephiroth's xD
  • The exaggeration in this game is awesome! It's well put together so far and not in a cheesy way at all surprisingly. I've been keepig my eye on this one, can't wait. :)
  • Now, after I watched this I think Saint's Row is going to be a pretty normal game.
  • Is Asura's Voice actor the same as that of War from Darksiders? Sounds a lot like War

    Edit: Nevermind, with a quick wiki search it is infact the same voice actor, Liam O'Brien. He is the voice of a bunch of video game characters as well as many Anime roles.
  • Lost Planet meets Dynasty Warriors meets Dragon Ball GT?

    -Edit- Reason I say this;
    Camera/ Controls looks to be like Lost Planet (Which was a Capcom Game)
    Open/Full Roam like Koei-Tecmo's Fist of the North Star-Dynasty-Samurai-Gundam ideals
    And the over the top fighting/weapon catching etc of Dragon Ball GT...
  • I followed it pretty well. Too bad after this game im going on strike against Capcom.
  • Can I say it?  I mean, seriously, can I say it?  Okay, I'm just gonna say it.


  • That...was bananas. I'm loving how over-the-top the action in this game looks, even if that trailer felt like something out of a corny anime. Still, I'm very interested. Despite being disappointed with Capcom's continued cancellation of Mega Man games this year, they've already won me over for 2012. Two new IPs and Street Fighter X Tekken? Yea, that'll do. The new Devil May Cry trailer was even kinda cool.


  • I have absolutely no idea what happened in that video, but it was awesome. That's probably the most anyone has been stabbed by one sword ever, all 1000 miles of it.

  • I really want this confusing game!!

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