Asura's Wrath is by far the most original game I have played all year. The combat is unique, excellent story telling, and jaw dropping moments are thrown at you constantly throughout your journey.

You are Asura. He is one of eight guardian generals that act as defenders of the world and fight evil for the sake of all that is good. Earth a.k.a. Gaea is overflowing with evil known as Gohma who are led by the manifestation of the planets dark will Viltra. It's up to the eight general guardians to defeat this evil and keep the world in balance.

After an amazing opening battle to start off the game, Asura is framed for murder and has his daughter taken from him to become the new priestess. After being framed he is chased by the remaining general guardians and killed by his former leader. It is after his death that Asura's hatred builds to such an extent that he is brought back from the dead into the world 12,000 years later. All he can focus on now is revenge. This means that to get his daughter back, he'll be going after the other guardians of the world on a path of revenge. 

The combat is similar to other action games and lacks a severe amount of combos but the difference here is that the enemies never stop coming. You have to build up your "Wrath Bar" and activate burst mode to continue on. Once this happens a quick time event will appear briefly and the next area will be open to you. Boss battles work the same but building up your wrath bar is much more rewarding in these battles. Some moments caused my jaw to literally drop and smile at my screen as I was thrust from the moon onto Gaea by a sword in my gut or punching an enemy so hard that his body crumbled into dust. Even bigger moments are created in the interactive cutscenes that make you feel as if your part of the story and whether your punches really hurt the enemy or not.

The game has an anime inspired cell shaded look that really brings out the characters emotions. Sometimes I felt as if I were watching an anime and not a game. That is until a QTE appeared.

If you want to play something entirely new in a sea of sequels then pick up Asura's Wrath and punch some bad guys in the face.