So I see this game on the shelf, pick it up and look at the back like everyone does. I read "A stunning mix of science fiction and Asian mythology". Science fiction and Asian mythology? Come on! Well I got eventually and I was very impressed within the first couple of minutes.
You are in space, on a huge alien-looking battleship within a massive fleet. You then dive down towards the planet and straight into one of the largest monsters I've ever seen in a video game. The controls felt like starfox, oddly. You'll find yourself down very fast toward the objective and locking onto targets and shooting them with energy blasts.

Prepare to get angry. Asura is very pissed off naturally. But when he is betrayed by a demigod named Deus, has his daughter kidnapped, and then banished for 10,000 years, he explodes with rage. This game is unlike any other I've played. It's main focus is storytelling, but manages to keep players interactive as the story unfolds during cutscenes. I look at this game's Hinduism mythology and realize that I've never seen this type of content before. I believe this move on the developer's part was very bold and risky, but ended out being exceptional.Asura is a very angry character. Who wouldn't be in his situation? The game's visual's, which really close in on character's faces quite often, were very accurate at depicting Asura's deep burning rage. Basically, the game did a good job of making the main character LOOK just as angry as he really is. The boss battles are just insane. They range from a giant, bigger than the whole planet to a fight on the moon with a character who wields a Samurai sword that's as long as a football field. Everything was on a massive scale not seen in gaming. I thought the blend of science fiction was a very interesting touch and brought something new to the table.The music was pretty solid to the situations it corresponded with throughout the game, but was a little overdramatic at a few spots. The voice acting sounded good and matched the characters' personalities, even if their words didn't always match their mouth movements. At the end of the day, the overall sound was at least fair.

The only negative thing I can really say were the regular, non boss, enemies. They are called Gooma, but are pretty much safari animals seen herein our world with a bunch of red lava-looking stuff on them. You'll be faced up against apes, giant turtles, and a giant elephant, all with that red looking impure stuff covering their bodies. The idea itself isn't so bad, but the whole concept just didn't stick.
What really drives the point home for this game is the incredibly interactive story. With it's few technical shortcomings, I give this game a 9. Very intense combat, for being rated Teen. Everything is on an immense scale. But most of all, it's DIFFERENT. This needed to happen in gaming!