Asura is one of the 8 Guardian generals that protects the world of Gaia. After he is blamed for the murder of the emperer, and when his wife is killed, and when his daughter is stolen, and when he is banished to a strange world of Naraka, he's pretty ticked.

 Asuras Wrath is a brilliant combination of Sci-fi and religion mixed together. The games graghics are great using an anime style.

There are basically two parts to the gameplay. The fighting part where you fight robots in close combat, or shoot energy, or Mantra, at huge spaceships. The other part is the interactive part. Most of Asuras wrath is cutscenes that you interact with pushing certain buttons that pop up on the screen. The button pressing is actually not super hard. Its better than some of the games that Cyber Connect makes with the button pressing.

 The only problems I have with the game is the lack of gameplay, and how short it is. The fighting part of the game only takes up 30%, the rest of the game is the interactive cutscenes. The game is  only 7-8 hours long too, but its not really a reason not to get this game.

It also comes witha ton of extras.

Asuras Wrath is one of the best action games I've played so far.