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Assassin's Creed Unity

Arno Starts A Revolution In New Trailer

Ubisoft's new trailer for Assassin's Creed Unity emphasizes the inequality that France's working class suffered under a corrupt aristocracy, which leads to a whole lot of people getting stabbed in their heads, necks, and vital organs.

A voiceover from new protagonist Arno Victor Dorian rallies the people (and players) to his cause as in-game clips show off Unity's gorgeous environments, impressive crowds, and new mechanics. Ubisoft says the new-gen exclusive features revamped combat and parkour mechanics, and better stealth gameplay, which you can see glimpses of in the trailer below.

Assassin's Creed Unity launches on October 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For more on Unity, check out Miller's list of Ten Things You Need To Know about the game.

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  • Cannot wait for this game! The potential is there for this to be the best one in the series. I'm excited for the parkour feature, as we all know in past games when climbing, Ezio/Connor/Edward would sometimes go in a direction we did not intend. Also, hope that we can chop off some heads and wave them around.
  • Not going to lie, looking forward to this one.
  • It looks amazing. I'm really hoping the story is up there with AC2/Brotherhood
  • I'm really looking forward to playing this with friends.
  • I want to play this game so much, my most anticipated game this year.
  • Unity looks amazing. I haven't played an AC game since II, but this one looks amazing. Hope I wont have to play III and IV just to be up to speed on the story.
  • I'm interested to see where they are taking the modern story. The animus parts look really good, I'm glad they made this for Xbox 1 and PS4.
  • Looks like a great game but October has too many other games I want so pre-ordering anything else besides my ps4 right now seems like a really bad idea.
  • I will look into it when it's been out for a few and has some discount on it. Ubi doesn't have to even try to impress fans with this franchise, people will eat up whatever the team comes up with. As long as the world map is big, the graphics are smooth and the game allows you to interact with historical figures and gore, it's a great game.
  • The parkour looks amazing, and the graphics are incredible! Lets hope Ubisoft doesn't cut down on the special effects to make the PC version equal to that of consoles like they did with Watch Dogs.......
  • Still incredibly violent I see.

  • This and Dragon Age are the two games I'm pumped for! Also I'm actually glad they show gore in this one instead of stabbing someone and no flesh wound seen.
  • You got to be kidding me... I've been waiting for more gameplay information on this for over a month and today, on the anniversary of the French Revolution, they decide it'd be a good idea to release a two minute story trailer that doesn't tell us anything we couldn't find out by being familiar with the series or having read a history text book?

    I'm really excited for this but I desperately hope they have more in store for today.

  • why not call him arnold
  • Looks great, I'm just really annoyed how everyone has british accents.. Don't get me wrong the voice acting in the trailer was great but this is France....Ezio didn't have a english accent.. but I hope it has an option to switch the language to french and I hope the french voice acting is just as good.
  • Looks pretty good, I wonder what the modern day story will be like.
  • Played the first Assassins Creed this week to get my fix before this game comes out, might have to play the second one soon.

  • I love reading you, JeffM. That first paragraph is gold.

  • Too bad that I´m going to start my life in england soon so wont be able to get this game on day one :( maybe next year I can save some Money to get a ps4 and this game.
  • Clever of Ubisoft to release a trailer on Bastille day

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