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A guide to Assassin's Creed Revelations multiplayer Abilities, Perks, and Kill/Loss Streaks.

(NOTE: This is currently incomplete. Introduction and two abilities are complete. More will be added either today, or tomorrow. Feel free to contribute.)


Abilities are your most important tools in Revelation's multiplayer. They allow you to hinder your opponents, expose them, escape them, and even out right kill them. So it's very important to experiment and find the perfect loadout for you. There are two default sets of abilities and they will be your starting weapons. Make the most of them, because these will help you learn the ropes while providing you the chance to stick your hidden blade in your opponents.


(Ordered according to level requirement.)

Number in parenthesis is the level required to unlock said ability.

Disguise (5): This is a simple ability suited to blending with the crowd, while evading pursuers. Activating the ability will cause your character to transform into another character model. However, you will still show up on your pursuers compass and line of sight indicator. It's best not to use this ability while your pursuer is in your line of sights as it will often tip them off to your presence. It can also be used to get closer to your target safely if for some reason your character model has been revealed to them, though it will not protect your from becoming Notorious, meaning your target will be able to see you clearly as you are marked with a red arrow. It is often used in team Manhunt mode when your team is being pursued. There are challenges associated with stunning your pursuer while Disguised, and killing your target while Disguised.

Decoy (5): Useful little ability that is handy when a pursuer is near. Activate it and an NPC will transform into your Character model and start running around, often times causing your pursuer to kill the Decoy, which earns you a +100 point bonus called "Lure". Often used in various team based modes to lure a pursuer into striking then Stunning your exposed pursuer. This is often not safe because teams tend to move in packs, meaning you will expose yourself to other pursuers.