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Assassin's Creed Revelations

Combat Trailer Arrives For Assassin's Creed Revelations

Two new videos show off the awesome new Ottoman hook blade device, and how Ezio can use the new weapon to bring down his foes.

Just a few days ago, we had the chance to see the newly extended story trailer for Revelations. Today brings two decidedly more gameplay-oriented videos detailing some of the new options in combat.

In particular, the new trailers show off the utility of the new hookblade device when used in combat. The hookblade is a new device given to Ezio upon his visit to Constantinople. It has extensive navigation potential, letting the Assassin zipline between buildings and climb much faster than before. However, as the video shows, the hook blade can be used in deadlier ways as well.

One video offers an extended glimpse of Ezio's brutal finishing moves. The second video is a dedicated introduction to the flexible capabilities of the hook blade. Enjoy!


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  • Is it me or did the hidden blade get longer?

    Also, I hope that they tweak the combat some. In Brotherhood all you had to do was block one attack and then you could more or less instantly kill everyone. Made it kinda cheap.

  • God that music in the first video made me so PUMPED...i need that for my ipod

  • Is everything in dubstep now?

  • I'm a definite fan of the hook-blade, new travel options are always nice and some of the takedowns and finishers you can perform with it look downright brutal.


  • So far it looks as though they've fixed a lot of my picky issues with the first three games. This game just looks fantastic. Obviously the other three were great, too, but this is really getting me pumped.

  • I want a stealth trailer, I miss the way the Assasinations were planed in Assasins Creed1, since 2 theyre more choreographed, hope that gameplay returns at least when we use Altair

  • I love the Assassin's Creed series, but between Gears 3, BF3, ME3, and Skyrim, where will I have the time to play it? Not to mention the additional cash I'd need to spend on another game.

    I wish all these games had more spread out release dates.

  • I love the AC series but one thing that I felt fell short on all the games so far in consideration of combat are the different weapons.  There really was never any reason not to use whatever had the best stats. Like if a 2-handed sword or battle axe usually had 4power and 1 speed, but the best one handed sword had 3power and 3speed it was always better to use the 1 hand sword.

    You didn't really feel the "power" of those power weapons.  Same thing with the knife, it was supposed to be faster but weaker but in the end the 1 handed swords are always better, you didn't really get teh feel of the speed benefit.

    I hope these issues are addressed and actually make it worth to use other weapons aside from the novelty of the kill animations. And unfortunately these videos don't show if it has.

  • The hookblade has 2 parts; the hook and the blade

  • so awesome. cant wait.  the one game that will make me put gears 3 down

  • Does that mean Ezio gets to pull people's brains out their noses now?

  • Awesome... i like the concept of the hook blade

  • Wow I really need to start playing these games. I bet I'll be hooked...
  • i'm so ready for this. i would say i can't wait, but i think i'll be ok with arkham city to fill in some time.


    2nd Video: AWESOME!

  • how can he move like that past 50?! he looks as fluidly as he did when he first became an assassin =)

  • This game looks absolutely amazing!

  • crap another game I have to get 100% completion in

  • i have never played any of this series but it looks awesome and i wanna try it sometime!!