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Assassin's Creed Revelations

Combat Trailer Arrives For Assassin's Creed Revelations

Two new videos show off the awesome new Ottoman hook blade device, and how Ezio can use the new weapon to bring down his foes.

Just a few days ago, we had the chance to see the newly extended story trailer for Revelations. Today brings two decidedly more gameplay-oriented videos detailing some of the new options in combat.

In particular, the new trailers show off the utility of the new hookblade device when used in combat. The hookblade is a new device given to Ezio upon his visit to Constantinople. It has extensive navigation potential, letting the Assassin zipline between buildings and climb much faster than before. However, as the video shows, the hook blade can be used in deadlier ways as well.

One video offers an extended glimpse of Ezio's brutal finishing moves. The second video is a dedicated introduction to the flexible capabilities of the hook blade. Enjoy!


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  • *** im good
  • so... more of the same?
  • That hookblade is a very useful and fun gadget.
  • I'm so f**king tired of dubstep in game trailers...
  • Awesome! Can't wait!

  • this game will be so much fun

  • fascinating

  • I think I know what to ask for on my Christmas list.

  • Looks the same lke brotherhood, the story is the only thing that makes me want to buy it

  • Hookblade will be very useful indeed.  Can't wait for Ezio's next adventure.

  • this game looks amazing. i have been looking forward to it for the last year

  • I'm  glad to see that they are putting more blood into the kills and on the weapons, but the opponents look the same as Brotherhood. the hook blade trailer is awesome too.

  • I love assassins creed but it does seem to be more of the same each time. awesome new features in each one but at a point if feels like the same game with dlc's or something. still getting it but at this point its just about the story.
  • cant wait! november is so far away!!!!

  • Its to bad that this game is coming out right after Skyrim...I'm pretty nothing is going to exist when that comes out..

  • I am a die-hard AC fan and my only comment, I can't wait to see how this one ends, cause if there's one thing I know, If it didn't completely blow your mind, than it wasn't the ending.
  • Cant wait for some more Assassins Creed its goin to be awesome.

  • TIGHT!

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