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Assassin's Creed Revelations

Learn More About Ezio In New Extended E3 Trailer

Want to see what happens to Ezio after he gets the noose around his neck in the original E3 trailer?

This latest video uses footage from that trailer, but plays Ezio's voiceover on top taken from a letter he has written to his sister Claudia. It lays out a lot of the set up for the story of Revelations if you're foggy on what's going on.

Give it a look below.

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  • Leonardos: " today is your last"(put rope around Ezio's neck)

    Ezio: (looks down, turns around, looks Leonardos in the eyes) NOPE.avi

  • this looks awesome but I still can't get over the fact they changed Altair's voice.

  • I call BS on that fall. Sure, AC has had a lot of unrealistic falls, but Ezio straight-up had nothing to break his fall yet there is not a scratch on him
  • i liked it with the music beter

  • Schwing!!!

  • Wow that was pretty cool, I still gotta beat brotherhood though

  • my god i can not w8 for this game it look so cool  just hope that ezio beeing old dose not make him slower