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Assassin's Creed Revelations

Learn More About Ezio In New Extended E3 Trailer

Want to see what happens to Ezio after he gets the noose around his neck in the original E3 trailer?

This latest video uses footage from that trailer, but plays Ezio's voiceover on top taken from a letter he has written to his sister Claudia. It lays out a lot of the set up for the story of Revelations if you're foggy on what's going on.

Give it a look below.

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  • ezio's a *** Mothaf*cka

  • this is getting better and better

  • that was awesome.  Can't wait to finish ezio's story

  • I learned that Ezio is awesome no matter what the situation...and that I want a beard
  • Saw this a few hours ago. Looks cool but I'm so sued to the literal it's strange seeign the video but not hearing Toby singing :P

  • looks awesome! can't wait

  • So awesomeness ensues

  • God i need this game!!!!!!

  • did anyone else get chills
  • Gameinformer needs to get a better video server or whatever. All their videos suck. I can only hear the audio and see some gray scribbles. And it's not my computer, my computer's pretty good.

  • Ezio is that dude!!!

  • I said it before and I'll say it again: breathtakingly gorgeous cinematic, this time made even better with Etzio's narration.

  • Ezio = ***

  • Survived that drop without hay like a boss.

  • Ezio "yeah you all have swords, but i have my hands.

  • That was incredible! I can't wait for this game.

  • November is a month that seems a lifetime away...

  • One word: ***

  • oh sh*t hes seeing things just like desmond! when will the madness end?!?! just goes to show, when it comes to AC, if hasnt absolutely left you mind-F*cked, its not over yet

  • im so glad i preordered!!!!!