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Assassin's Creed Revelations

Learn More About Ezio In New Extended E3 Trailer

Want to see what happens to Ezio after he gets the noose around his neck in the original E3 trailer?

This latest video uses footage from that trailer, but plays Ezio's voiceover on top taken from a letter he has written to his sister Claudia. It lays out a lot of the set up for the story of Revelations if you're foggy on what's going on.

Give it a look below.

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  • Love! AC revelations and holy crap!!!
  • Bald guy: "You're going to hang, Assassin."

    Ezio: "We'll see."

    *Strangles bald guy.* *Puts hood on*

    Ezio: "Amateurs..."

  • It is always interesting to see news related to me.
  • this just keeps looking better and better!

  • Cant wait to play some more Assassins Creed a favorite franchise indeed.

  • i just want this game sooooo bad

  • This doesn't have any spoilers right?
  • Can't wait to play this one!  I know a lot of folks disslike Ezio, but I think he's a great character and this will be an awesome way to wrap up his story.  I would've loved to see Ubisoft put this much effort into Altair's story, but it's all good.  I'm ready to step into the shoes of Desmond anyway!

  • Want it.

  • it looks cool, but unfortunately i don't have the money to pick this one up

  • Awesome!

  • Good to know Ezio does not meet his maker by the fault of a simple rope. So excited to get my hands on a copy of this game! I need answers! (and I need to kick some templar a$s yet again)

  • Anyone else feel like Ezio is going to die at the end of Revelations? I swear that's the vibe I'm getting.
  • i hope the game features a lot of Ottoman killing and why wasn't the PC vers. showed in the trailer

  • It was hard to watch that video without hearing Woodkid's - Iron song playing in the background....But that added 10 seconds made it soooo worth watching.
  • "Everywhere PEOPLE DIE."
  • Ezio=boss

  • That was awesome.... That was so awesome. That's really all I can say.


    That is all.

  • I am so excited for this game, whenever i play an AC game i look at the world differently. I see buildings and look for ways that i could climb it, if only i didn't weigh 220 lbs....

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