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Assassin's Creed Revelations

Assassin's Creed: Revelations In Action

Assassin's Creed: Revelations was naturally a high-point of Ubisoft's press conference, and here is the trailer that wowed the audience as well as some new screens for the game.

Revelations brings together all three of AC's previous heroes: Altair, Ezio, and Desmond, and is the end of the Ezio storyline. Take a last look at the man in action.

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  • Looks better than ever. cant wait to start assassinating again ;)

  • From the looks of this trailer, I might have to pay a million dollars to get the game just A DAY early.

  • Have anyone noticed that the lyrics of the music is exactly what happens in the video. "Steady burst of snow on my hands" (Ezio walks on the plank " face" (Ezio's hood is taken off).

    Was this song specifically made for this trailer?

    And did anybody else notice that Ezio disappears from th ship if you look closely enough?

  • awesome video, just makes me that more excited for this title.

  • Now I just have to buy AC1,AC2 and ACBH my summer is AC and I2

  • Great trailer!  Ubisoft knows how to make excellent Assassin's Creed cinematics.  Ezio is shattering tracheas and breaking necks.... so awesome.  

    I like how you see his hidden blade destroyed so he can receive the new hook blade.  

  • Ubisoft really knows how to create a cinematic, can't wait for ACR!

  • oh... dear.... lord....

  • i think god just ate lightening and crapped thunder, and this was the end result. all my thanks to ubisoft for making another ground-breaking achievement.

  • I pre ordered it so i get that limited edition one with all the in game stuff and the soundtrack. Its a free upgrade from the regular game and will only cost you $60 like the regular game so I suggest you people pre order it now if you haven't already.

  • This game will be perfect

  • i'll be preordering this, looks amazing. was there some live action in the beginning because it looked like a few scenes were

  • Awesome trailer.  Can't wait to find out how Ezio's story ends.

  • Not to burst any ones bubble but that isng how the story ends , remmeber what an eagle symbolizes ?? That the brother hood is near   Similar two ACB's trailer where ezio sees the eagle cathes a feather and you see the brotherhood laying down some gaurds. He wouldn't be foolish to do that if he doesnt know that his assassins are with him!

  • Wow this looks amazing!!!! XD I cannot wait for it :)

  • songs called "iron" by woodkid. I think the game matches the song more than the music video

  • No joke, some of the scenes (like Etzio climbing around the cliffs at the beginning) looked like they were shot in real life, that's how gorgeous they look. I liked Altair showing up at points, sort of "haunting" Etzio as he beats the hell out of the templar guards. I am giving strong consideration to pre-ordering this game and all the cool pre-order bonuses are just tipping the scales more in their favor.

  • It's... I'm speechless.

  • I really like the trailer, and i cant wait for the game

  • Is this the last part????NO.I Want MMMMMMore