When I bought AC Revelations I was so excited about how amazing the game would have been. Then I got to the 3rd sequence. The first 2 were good it made the AC world seem like it changed. The graphics were a huge step up and the game mechanics also changes. In the beginning Ezio was captured and sentenced to death but he escaped. I loved how there was a great flow. First it was Ezio escaping then him following and assassinating a main target. This was all just the tutorials. When he got to the new city we met a couple people one being a new assassin but not dressed like a normal one. This added individuality to the game and all assassins. As far as the main story goes, its Ezio find a book using a girl he meets (and eventually gets married to) then goes into a cell similar to the ones in AC 2 to get Altair armor learns about Altair past then sequence over. O yeah and usually in the beginning he helps the new assassins and friends that he meets while his girl learns about the book's whereabouts. Every sequence is almost the same.

Aside from the story, a couple things change. It is harder to lower your templar awareness meter. It seems like this city doesn't believe in posters. You have to talk to heralds and bribe them. Once you bribe them you cant find another herald for a while. The good thing is that after every sequence your meter goes back down to zero. 

Although you play as Ezio almost all the time, it seems to be focused more about Altair and unlocking his library which would surprise you to find what is in there. That is all he talks about and his main goal is getting all of them. 

Aside from Ezio story, Desmond was supposed to be more important. He wasn't really unless you try to get most of those animus breaks which are like feathers. When you get a certain amount, you get a new mission where you travel as Desmond in first person throughout his memories. I have only did the first one but so far they could be more in dept. On the regular story you just hear people in the outside world and that is it. I had higher expectations but it is a good game aside from the length. The game is too short and they could have done more to tell more about Altair