As an action-based genre gamer and vivid historian, I prefer my entertainment blended with intriguing storylines and interesting references to history. Nonetheless, I tend to view the glass as half empty, and perceive any blunder as a threat to the well-being of astounding game franchises.

                                          To begin, I'll recognize the true feats. Sliding down from ropes with the hookblade intended for quicker travel and locating the Polos' hidden artifacts in subterranean Constantinople were brilliant features. The feature of purchasing books based on real copies written by famous European scholars was an even greater notion.

                                           Secondly, the act of reducing the quantity of gaming hours on the single-player mode wasn't a very appreciated one.If you can remember, Brotherhood and AC2 had striking missions involving delving into subterranean caverns that weren't added to the campaign. Revelations had such quests but didn't allow them to replayed via free roam; this is a portion of the continual disappointment for Assassin's Creed and Ubisoft.

                                            As a result, Ubisoft presently strives to deliver a more spacious sequel with the expectededly perfected gameplay and ideal approach to history, thus producing the glorious stories of assassins and people of the American Revolution.