So here we are. This is what we've been waiting for. The finale for Ezio, and Altair. Since the first Assassin's Creed, many questions have gone unanswered, and there's been a LOT of bloodshed while searching for the answers. In the latest installment; questions will be answered, Templar will die, and it all will be delivered in an action packed package.

On our adventures we've been everywhere from Jerusalem, to Italy, and Rome. Now we're in Constantinople, and Ezio Auditore is a master assassin. He's become a hardened, experienced, and most of all deadly warrior and has mastered the art of assassination and combat. It's been a good 30 years since the events of Brotherhood, and Ezio is unfortunately starting to show his age. As you would expect, it's not slowing him down one bit as he runs through the streets, climbs up buildings, and takes down handfuls of guards with ease. The search for hidden artifacts left behind by Altair is the reason for Ezio's visit, and it's a race against the Templar to find them all and unlock the secrets Altair fought to protect.

The gameplay formula hasn't changed much (which isn't a bad thing) but Revelations has some new tweaks up it's sleeve. For instance, Ezio's arsenal was big enough to begin with, but now he's got some new toys. First is the hookblade; an attachment to the hidden blade that allows you to hook onto ledges to help you climb faster, evade guards, and use ziplines to travel through the city at great speed. Second, is the ability to create your own bombs. Smoke bombs were available in previous Assassin's Creed games, but now you can create several different types of bombs with a simple creation system. You can make cherry bombs, smoke bombs, and even bombs with lambs blood in it. These new additions add to the already amazing formula, and fit in perfectly as if they had been there the whole time.

Lets not forget that we finally get to play as Altair once again. As exciting as the previous sentence was, it's not as fantastic as you might think. Though fun and informative, there are very few of these missions, and they won't last any longer than 10 minutes. It's possible that we're supposed to maintain our focus on Ezio throughout the story, but it's still disappointing that we don't get more time to play as Altair.

Just as in Brotherhood, Ezio has the ability to recruit new assassins to his cause, except Revelations takes this idea even further. The recruitment concept is the same as Brotherhood, (kill the captain of the area, light the tower, etc.) except now the Templar can counterattack to take back their tower. When this happens Ezio leads the Assassin's to defend their territory. This turns over into a mini-game reminiscent of tower defense. As the Templar troops march down the street, you command yours from the rooftops to stop their advances. This can be a nice break from the normal gameplay, but can also be an annoyance as you can't use any shops around the hideout that's under siege until you defend it. Many times I was mildly annoyed, because I couldn't upgrade my equipment or send assassins on missions for extra gold without breaking from the story and diving into the defense.

As is to be expected, Revelations is beautiful. The streets are bustling with life, the architecture looks fantastic as you run through the streets and across the rooftops, and the characters are at their best. The music brings life to the action and the city with dramatic scores and mellow melodies, and the characters voices are pitch perfect. Cut-scenes are well placed, and the intense cliffhanger sequences keep you at the edge of your seat. The plot is well executed as it weaves the last few strings in it's web and doesn't disappoint.

If you want a break from the story, the multiplayer is an excellent alternative. With loads of customization for your characters and your profile, and not to mention all the unlockables and trophies to collect, you can spend loads of time in the intense player vs. player action. The gameplay is the same concept as Brotherhood: kill your target before someone gets you. There are a few different game modes you can join into, but they all hold the same goal, and you'll find yourself addicted to besting your opponents with your wit and skill.

Though it isn't the greatest addition to the Assassin's Creed saga. Revelations is most certainly worth playing. You definitely don't want to miss out on Ezio and Altair's finale, or the outstanding multiplayer.