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The Good vs Bad when it comes down to Assassins Creed Revelations

Assassin’s Creed Revelations has been in my radar for quite some time now. The fact that it was the next game in the Assassin’s Creed series made it a buy from the start, though because it was meant to be the conclusion of the Ezio Auditore storyline, I was much more interested. For those who have played Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Revelations follows the same; add some new toys, change a couple things around, give the player a new area explore, add new characters, answer as many questions the ending left behind as possible, and leave the player with a lot more questions upon completing the game. This is a good thing most of the time, but there are usually always a couple of bad things with it. To find out what those good and bad are, find out for yourself and keep reading.

As for the good things Assassins Creed Revelations has to offer; from the very beginning you are welcomed to the game by amazing visuals, much like the other Assassin’s Creed titles. The landscapes are beautiful, character designs are realistic, you don’t notice many duplicates and you will hardly ever experience a screen tear or rendering issues. The score is also quite fitting and doesn’t tend to repeat itself from the previous titles, as far as I could tell.

The game plays much like the others at its core though there have been quite a few additions that actually tend to benefit the series, especially when it comes down to diversity. With new and helpful gadgets such as the grappling hook and bombs, you will find yourself open to many different strategies that can be used during your adventure. There is also the addition of an interesting Tower Defense mini-game. Though you are only required to do it once in the main story, you can do so again through the many side-quests available that give the game hours of playability and replay value.

A variety of new enemies have also been added in order to give combat a more diverse feel. This is great for me mostly for the fact that since Assassin’s Creed began; I’ve found the combat system to be quite repetitive and a bit too easy. Along with the improvements from Brotherhood are the new and improved cavern sequences. No longer do you simply enter a boring cavern in search of an artifact! The caverns have much more of a difference in appearance and entertainment this time around. In order to get what you seek, you will now have a completely different challenge with each artifact that range from simply sneaking by or killing everyone inside, to a free-running after a boat while the cavern you are in falls apart.

Multiplayer has returned and is surprisingly even more fun than it was in Brotherhood due to its few new additions. There are now 5 new maps, deeper character customization, and the ability to unlock more for your characters appearance and skills. If anything, the multiplayer has quickly become my favorite part about this game and I’ve only played it (the multiplayer) for little under an hour before posting this review.

As for the bad things about Assassins Creed Revelations; the inability to skip the majority of the cut-scenes (even after seeing them before) is an issue, especially for the impatient. There’s also a few of the main story missions, which felt as if they were unneeded and only added to the game in order to increase its length.

 Though it is now becoming much more common and expected, Revelations requires a ‘Passport’ in order to play the multiplayer. Passports are pretty much the same thing as Online Passes, and can be a bother to those who choose to rent the game or have purchased it pre-owned. You are given a trail period if you don’t have one, but with all that there is to do in the multiplayer I wouldn’t see much of a point.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations is a fantastic game that is definitely worth the buy and shouldn’t be skipped. However, due to its lack of the ability to skip cut-scenes, the need for a Passport to play online, and the feeling that a few of the missions were mere time-fillers gives it an 8.5 out of 10.

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**This game was reviewed based on the performance of the PS3 version**

  • Must say revelations was a little disappointing.