Ok so here i am to share my opinion of a**es creed


here they go


concept - the campaign was going to be a bit more

                 the one in brotherhood but no so no freeroam of

                 any kind.

Graphics - same as the brotherhood so i like it

Sound - still has that classic music which is good.

playability  - well the controls are easy to get used to unless you 

                     play a lot of halo.

entertainment - only mildly fun i mean unless your hacking 

                            and slashing in campaign then online is usless

multiplayer - i like it but i cant call it the best because sometimes

                       the game would try to say like no ones on

                       which is a lie. plus sometimes the occasional lag.


so that pretty much sums up my oppinion about the so called best multiplayer experience game.

your A**ES CREED