The game is very good and downright pretty.  I have played every one of the the AC games and am very familiar with the storyline.  I had felt connected to every game but  this one.  The new items that were added to the game to give it a new "twist" I felt was more of a distraction rather than an addition to the revelation theme that was attempting to be made. 

The wrap up was well done and moving.  But when all was said and done I was not compelled to complete missions that I had not completed like I had in all the other games. The Desmond missions I downright hated and did not fit the tempo of the game at all in my opinion.

If you have not played the previous games  DO NOT PLAY THIS ONE!!!!!!  Without the history of the other games you will be lost and annoyed.  No a good way to feel after spending $60 on a game.

But if you are a die hard Enzioite--play away and enjoy the ride.