I have been a fan of the series for years and each title is no disappointment. If you loved the navel battles in AC3, you’re going to love Black Flag. Sailing the seas is a blast, and exploring hidden coves and searching for buried treasure is exciting and rewarding. During the main story I couldn’t help but quit the memory because I found a treasure map and was compelled to find the buried treasure. If the buried treasure didn’t catch your eye then the sea life most definitely will. You can spot these activities using your trusty spyglass. Whenever you see birds circling around, that means it’s possible to hunt some sea life. With a hold of a button you are set out on a row boat complete with a few crew members to give you shouting encouragement and a dozen harpoons. You aim with the right analog stick, aim with the L1 button and throw with the R1. If you hold in the aim button, your throw is more accurate. The game play reminded me of the classic battle against the giant sea beast in Resident Evil 4. After you manage to kill the fish, you are rewarded with hunting materials such as bones and hides. Sea life isn’t the only game you can hunt. You can hunt, Wild Hogs, Deer, Crocodiles, Zealot’s and many others. You can use the materials to craft many useful items such as rope darts, and sleep darts, and also to craft cool outfits and useful upgrades

You spend about 60% of the game sailing the seas but you can also explore cities the old fashioned way. Cities like Havana and Kingston are alive with people walking the streets. You can collect sea shanties, which were similar to Benjamin Franklin’s almanacs but they give you sea shanties which you can command your crew to sing with a touch of a button. You can accept the classic assassination contracts to be reward with money and some cool items. I loved to just walk around the ports, watching people fish and catch crabs and watching my crew mug about waiting for me to take the wheel. These simple distractions kept me coming back for more.