Ok First off doesn't matter what console ya play it with its the same thing. Just next gen having beautiful graphics and some speed but nothing outta the ordinary all it matters is to have fun!


Story: First we start off in the present ya working in Abstergo. Ya pretty much hacking and getting this weird assistance from "John" and also we see our Assassin crew Rebbeca and Shaun. How I put it your an Templar but as well Assassin and deciding which side to honestly believe. While ya hack ya learn the truth of what happen to Desmond after his death and know his thoughts. But as well Juno makes an appearance which isn't pretty. I'm preparing a boss fight with her cause I won't be controlled/be a slave without an fight lol. Now to Edward your a pirate and assassin dead last like literally. I liked this idea tho cause Edward can help either Templars or Assassin's or screw them both and give them the birdie lol. Edward is pretty much redeeming himself to Caroline that they can live a happy life not living poor but live in life of riches course with crazy ways of how to obtain it. Throughout the story you have to deal with Edward do the impossible and like I said before prove to everyone that he can make it happen. Along the way a lot of happiness, laughter, losses, and traitors oh did I say crazy ppl *looks at Vane*. This is the third game that got me emotional but I think since I took my longest time I felt myself crying to certain characters deaths and feeling like stabbing dang traitors > : o. I felt the ending was awesome way to end it and I was moved close to tears when Anne was singing and Edward imagining all his pirate buds drinking together and enjoying a good time such a touching and sad moment. I really took my long time with the game and I just love it very much.


Gameplay: Yes its pretty much same to Ac3 but this time I felt like it was less gitchy. And no loading screen when equipping weapons also better improvement with aiming the guns as well getting hit by bullets. Now if you get hit by a certain enemy and depending ya health may go all the way down or half way down. Though sometimes I get annoyed with boarding ships cause sometimes my crew don't take advantage when the enemy is on the ground to effing stab them! It's like all because I'm captain doesn't mean I have to kill them all and protect all you fools! Do your dang job and kick booty as well loot some booty xD. I find the gameplay to be a changeling and fun. Though their are times when its frustrating on land and sea but its not impossible to pass the task or game including those additional options it feels good to get 100% on all my missions.


Pros: Beautiful part of history with nature, jungle and a lovely ocean an improved step-up from Ac3. History about pirates and improvement of the naval combat. Being able to relate to the characters more they were all awesome in their own ways so it was awesome moment in AC that sometimes lack. Multiplayer is fun and finally you can play wolfpack on your own if ya want is easier to get your multiplayer trophies and leveling up faster that's what I did and I'm proud of it!


Cons: Uh stealth been focus more frequently kinda is annoying at times. *sighs* present time kinda is boring just hacking and that's all ya do I thought I get to leave the Abstergo building but ya stuck there thru the entire game. Their are always glitches in games so I wish to talk about it but its so common it shouldn't be in the con ignore this sentence >.> People STILL don't know how to play wolfpack or multiplayer on Ac4 and Ubisoft gave out training for these ...... numbskulls I don't know if certain people lack brains or love being idiots -.-.


What the future hold for the AC series well hopefully more improvements of course and seriously no rushing the game. If we gamers have to wait till next year or more ya can't rush greatness or awesomeness.

"Give your Quarry something to fear, some hellish Thing from a fever'd Dream, and Men will drop to their Knees pleading for their Lord before aught else! *growls*"- Blackbeard intimidating Bonnet

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