You are playing Assassin's Creed IV on one of your favorite games on Play Station 4 console. Your game reached at most twisted part you ever experienced,you don't want to miss it any way and at the same time someone in your house wants to watch TV at the same time. What will you do then?

[Page Break] Don't worry you can still continue to play the same favorite part of the game! Your question is how can I play? You can play it on your handheld PS VITA.</p>

[Page Break] It is obvious that remote play requires the same control as on PS 4 dual shock. Sony made it very interesting and easy for you guys, just to provide you comfort and same control experience as on PS 4 dual shock controller. Following imagE will help you to learn and experience that remote play.</p>


[Page Break] As you can see in the image. The L2 and R2 are at their traditional place in PS VITA. But the extra controller buttons that in Dual Shock controller are L3 and R3, here Sony added them and you can use them by touching PS VITA screen. L3 will activate the EAGLE VISION and R3 will set the camera behind Edward Kenway.</p>

[Page Break]The touch screen on PS VITA functions same as touch pad on Dual Shock Controller. If you noticed one thing more, that there are dead spaces on the screen as well. Why they are added? Just because every time you touch the screen will not pop up the map and make you game play experience a crap.</p>

[Page Break]Once you are used to these controls you will let other people to enjoy TV and you will enjoy your ASSASSINATION at Caribbean... Have fun Assassins all around the world!!!</p>