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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Ubisoft Shows Off Anvil Next Engine's Next Gen Splendor

In a new trailer, Ubisoft is showing off the weather, foliage, and lighting that make Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag's Caribbean come to life. In addition to just looking pretty, you'll get a sense of how the changes to the Anvil Next engine impact the gameplay.

The waves on the ocean, the cover of flora for stealth, and the way two separately animated objects mesh to make ship boarding more fluid are all enhancements found in the next installment of Ubisoft's annual series. You can see it for yourself on October 29, 2013, when Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag arrives on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The title will also be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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  • So if this is all for next-gen, current doesn't get any of this? That's the way they make it sound.
  • It looks ok. But I'm tired of seeing the Dead Or Alive 5 add. anoying!
  • this game is going to look so beautiful, but I'm on the fence on this one, to many games coming out after this that I want, that I know I wouldn't be able to finish this game, maybe when it goes down in price, I will check this out.

  • This looks amazing, and the possibilities as they pertain to how it will affect gameplay are really exciting. Ubisoft seems to be knocking it out of the park over the next year with AC4, Watchdogs, Child of Light, Valiant Hearts, and the recently released Rayman Legends. A lot of exciting gaming experiences to be had.
  • Its not about what you can see its about what you do.
  • I wish I could get excited for this game, I just cant :( For me, AC 2 was the definite high point of the series and now that they're doing annual releases it I've gotten way burned out on the series. They haven't done enough to make it feel like a new game each time like they did from 1-2. I couldn't even finish 3 I got so bored. The game looks beautiful and I love pirate settings, so maybe down the line I'll pick this up once I've had a chance to recuperate.
  • This is shaping up wonderfully and looks gorgeous.  I can't wait to take control of Eddie.  Desmond's story may be over, but as long as the game keeps evolving and they don't simply try to bleed the franchise dry (or do something stupid like make it a FPS) I'll continue to enjoy AC.

  • This is kind of sad considering a PC game from 2006, Crysis, looks way better
  • Mod
    This is the argument that I give people when they say that power means nothing. A console's power can do much more than just render "pretty" graphics. You can make a world on these newer consoles that you just couldn't do on the PS3, Wii, or XBOX 360. The limits have been reached this generation, so now it's time to create new ones. Complex dynamics that change the way you play, fully-fleshed worlds with dozens of randomly generated characters and weather, character models and faces that can better reflect the emotions going on during certain moments or scenes.

    Heck, I wouldn't doubt that this is the generation where we finally get that perfect Superman, or Hulk game we've always wanted. Bethesda can finally make their perfect Elder Scrolls game. And you don't need a six-to-eight-hundred dollar rig and a huge broadband width in order to be able to experience it.
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  • You say you can see it for yourself on the 29th so does that mean this footage is from current gen? If it isn't then I'm definitely waiting for the next gen. Clarify please.
  • Despite all these improvements, jumping in the wrong direction off a corner will still result in 70% of your deaths.
  • Played AC1, 2, Skipped all others until 3 and loved the American Revolution setting. By skipping Revelations and Brotherhood it helped keep it fresh to me. Looking forward to this being my first game i play on my PS4.
  • I need to get a job...
  • I eagerly await my PS4 copy, Im very much looking forward to seeing side by side comparisons of Current and Next Gen. What was and was not able to be ported I wonder? It will be a very interesting look.
  • I'm getting this on PS4 and i can't wait.

  • Seeing this, it would almost seem like a disservice to play this on the current gen systems... I also wait to see a comparison, but it looks great.

  • I wonder if they are going to let this happen in PC, otherwise I can´t wait for next gen pc XD

  • If you want graphical power Get a pc
  • So it's not coming out on WiiU then? Huh. Then why did my friend at gamestop let me pre-order it on WiiU then?

    Edit: Anyway I don't care about graphics show me gameplay.
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