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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

New Trailer Shows Off Kenway's Sneakier Side

Pirate shenanigans take a backseat to shadowy executions in Ubisoft's new trailer for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

Ubisoft's latest tease of Black Flag comes straight from Gamescom, and features Kenway's more predatory side as he ambushes unsuspecting foes in the jungle, sneaks across rooftops, and drops in on the leader of a platoon of soldiers – who says you need to be stealthy all the time?

Ubisoft also says that players will have new mechanics and weapons at their disposal in Black Flag, including a silent blowpipe. However, we were more impressed with the antics available on the open seas during our hands-on time with Black Flag during Gamescom, which you can read about here.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag will be available PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U on October 29, and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November.

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    This game is a lot like Call of Duty: Ghosts for me. At first, I was burned out and thought that this was just a cheap next-gen cash-grab of the series. But now, I believe that this is no mere half-attempt of a sequel. A lot of work seems to have been put in this game, from the scope and life of the open world, to the combat (which also looks even smoother than previously. ala Arkham with weapons, to my delight) and game-play options. Heck, I don't doubt that I'll fall in love with the series again, like back in the old days playing as Ezio.

    This my not be my most anticipated game of latter 2013 (honestly, it's all about Batman: Arkham Origins and Grand Theft Auto V for me, which is rather funny as how neither are next-gen), but it is certainly rising on the list. Glad to see that there's still some 'Assassin' left in the Creed, if you know what I mean. Pirates are great, but I came to this series to be a killer of the shadows. And until the series is re-titled 'Pirates Creed', that's what I'll expect myself to stay.
  • Ugh I really want an AC set during the cold war
  • Well...just another game to sink hours upon hours into. The closer we get to this holiday season the more my GPA is going down lol.

  • That was soooooo sick!! It will take some serious willpower not to play this on PS3 and wait one more month for PS4! This looks it will blow all previous AC's out the water.
  • Sigh ...
  • swords + guns = epic,.

  • The song is Railroad Track by Willy Moon if anyone was interested.

    I really can't wait to duel sword fight anyone in my path.

  • Damn, so I'll have this, Watch Dogs, and BF4 all at my disposal on November 15th. Not a bad problem to have at all though.
  • So awesome. I can't wait.

  • will AC4 be for PC? because i want ultra settings on at all time.
  • damn sony, why couldn't you have released the ps4 on oct., not only do i have to wait for AC4 to come out, but two more weeks afterwards to play it on the ps4...damn this sucks..
  • I love the steathy gameplay, don't get me wrong I love to get in the middle of the action but it's always good to have the option to play in the shadows.

  • This game looks like it was made to be played on PS4.

  • Publisher of the year award should probably go to Ubisoft, considering the number of AAA games that they're delivering this year, and almost all of them seem to fit well with almost every gamer.
  • The game is looking very nice. I'm hoping the combat will be better. The enemy AI's were dumb in previous installments. Heck it was more fun fighting the enemies in Batman: Arkham City, groups of enemies would mercilessly team up on you. So you actually had to learn more about defending your self.
  • Sneak, sneak, sneak, sneak, stab, sneak, sneak, sneak.

  • I love the rugged look they gave Kenway. Looks so much more ragged and dirty compared to the other clean and always nice looking assassins.

  • They should't stray too far from the "assassin" part of the game.... Now this looks great but I hope it's not a flop. Seriously, how many Assassin's Creed games will there be?

  • Is this current-gen footage?? It doesn't look "next"gen.

  • Well at least some of that footage was stealthy. I really do hope they improve the enemy AI but wish they'll improve all AI (mainly because I'm tired of seeing pedestrians have the some free climbing skills as me while wearing ye olde pantaloons). And I really want to see more missions that offer a high profile AND low profile (ie stealth) approach to the objective. And an overhaul to the fighting mechanics would be nice since currently you can pretty much finish any fight with one hand in ACIII.

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