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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Comic-Con 2013 Panel Offers More Details On Black Flag

For those of you who could not make Comic-Con this year, you missed the chance to board Ubisoft's pirate ship. However, the panel for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag has been posted in its entirety for your viewing pleasure.

This video offers more details on the upcoming game and introduces fans to Matt Ryan, who plays Edward Kenway. Ryan talks about his experience bringing the next Assassin's Creed protagonist to life. He also talks about Kenway's struggles with choosing between joining the Assassins or the Templars.

A demo is also shown, but it is a little difficult to see unless you're in the audience. No worries, though. We've got you covered with a demo with added commentary from game director Ashraf Ismail.

In its entirety, the video clocks in at almost an hour, so make popcorn.

Does the panel make you want to see more of Black Flag? What questions do you still have for Ubisoft? Voice your opinion in the comments.

  • Personally this game is 3rd on my must have list. But I still can't wait.
    1. Battlefield 4
    2.forza Motorsport 5
    3. Assassins creed 4: black flag
    4. Ryse: son of Rome
    5. Project spark.
    Edit: 6. Watch dogs

    I absolutely must have all of those.

    Edit: I'll buy BF4 and AC4 for the PS4. Gotta keep the 4's together!
  • That guy still looks like Daniel Cross

  • Watching all this news on Black Flag lately has led me to replay AC3 which I'm currently having a change of opinion on. This game is in my top 5 for must play. Killzone: Shadow Fall Infamous: Second Son Arkham Origins Watchdogs Diablo 3
  • Honestly I'm not that excited about this game. The last one I was truly excited for was AC2. I'm sure I'll pick this up in a couple of months when it's cheaper but as of right now it's definitely not a day-1 buy.

  • The game looks really good. All my doubts were erased when I saw the extended trailer on youtube showing the really great gameplay and smooth graphics. The game looks amazing to me. I'm buying it for Wii U (gotta support the 3rd party support).

  • Cool

  • i have never been intrigued by the AC games until seeing screens and previews for this one. i have recently begun playing AC2 and im starting to like it more and more. after watching the gameplay footage on Black Flag, i have ruined pairs of pants. it looks unique and astonishing. a great twist to the series and a big gap of genre for games filled by Ubisoft. im buying!!!

  • I'm really excited for this. AC4, batman, and GTA5 ought keep me occupied for a good long while.

  • If I got the chance I would like to ask, Will you guys ever introduce/made a Co-op mode, meaning you have a group of assassins(2-4) and have a coop story mode only. “GTA V type of idea”
  • I loved the demo, couldn't bear to sit through an hour of game designers yacking. If only Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman were in this Comic Con vid, maybe I'd watch. :P

  • All this Assassin's Creed talk makes me realize that a lot of games coming out for next-gen (or at least the ones announced thus far) are open-world. Watch Dogs, ACIV: Black Flag, Infamous: Second Son, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Dead Rising 3, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Dying Light,  and The Division.

  • Looks like hes fapping lol

  • day one buy for me...

  • i cant wait till it comes out

  • i cant wait till it comes out

  • Alright....add this to watch later then.