Between Sharks And The Towering Man Of War, Kenway Has His Hands Full - Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - PlayStation 4 -
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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Between Sharks And The Towering Man Of War, Kenway Has His Hands Full

Every great pirate needs a great ship; Edward Kenway is no exception.

A batch of new Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag screens from Comic Con show off combat and life aboard Kenway’s vessel, the Jackdaw. In addition to shark stabbing and spyglass looking, the images preview some of the weapons and tactics available to Kenway, as well as some of the other (larger) boats you can expect to see. The Man of War in particular is very intimidating. 

Our own Ben Reeves was treated to a tour of the real-life Jackdaw at San Diego Comic Con. Yes, he took pictures.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag releases on October 29.

  • looks stupid tbh
  • ps4 for me ill rent

  • Because sharks are so abundant...
  • This is looks very promising!  I can't wait to explore tropical islands, fight in naval battles, search for treasure, and punch a shark in the face!  :)

  • My prediction for Assassin's creed 4:

    Worst assassin game in the series;

    best pirate game ever.

  • You know what? Screw it. Just take my wallet!

  • Lookin' better and better. Ship combat was the best from AC 3.

  • Title.  Sold.

    Shark battle.

  • Not enough to get me interested in the series again.
  • Sorry, but this just looks worse and worse for me.
  • Hunting sharks was awesome in far cry 3 so I'm on board here.

  • Like the Ahab screenshot. I mean the whole game looks great. So much to do with so many places to explore. Looking forward to building the Jackdaw into a powerhouse.

  • i'm sorry, but if it's a million glitches, it doesn't matter...

  • I wonder if the smaller boats (like the one in the top picture) can be destroyed if a big enough shark or whale hits it. I mean, how awesomely terrifying would it be to have to swim like Hell back to your ship to avoid becoming some aquatic beast's dinner? It could be like that part in Resident Evil 4 when the lake monster throws you from the boat.

  • People can hate on the annual releases of AC but each game is better than the last and the story is nucking futs!!!

  • What is this...I'm thinking of cancelling my pre-order...
  • Hurry up October!!

  • When i comes to sharks ingame they shouldnt be like jaws attacking people for no reason. What would be interesting is a mechanic where if you fall in the water and if your bleeding theres a chance a shark will pop up and try to eat you. It shouldnt be to obvious either, no music cues just a shark stealthily swimming at and if you dont see him coming then wham, shark food
  • Aw yeah, this is what I want to be hunt'in this fall. Nice!

  • My god... A new era has begun.