Between Sharks And The Towering Man Of War, Kenway Has His Hands Full - Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - PlayStation 4 -
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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Between Sharks And The Towering Man Of War, Kenway Has His Hands Full

Every great pirate needs a great ship; Edward Kenway is no exception.

A batch of new Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag screens from Comic Con show off combat and life aboard Kenway’s vessel, the Jackdaw. In addition to shark stabbing and spyglass looking, the images preview some of the weapons and tactics available to Kenway, as well as some of the other (larger) boats you can expect to see. The Man of War in particular is very intimidating. 

Our own Ben Reeves was treated to a tour of the real-life Jackdaw at San Diego Comic Con. Yes, he took pictures.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag releases on October 29.

  • Let me explain. I don’t feel like I need to watch eSports because I’m interested. I’m not. I need to watch so I know what I’m reporting. having said that. im done with AC.
  • Now i can assassinate sharks too. Awesome.

  • Why are we fighting sharks? Are these Templar Sharks? I feel like Ubisoft needs to just make a pirate game, separate from AC. Make a game where you start off with a crappy boat and customize it and sail the sea's fighting other pirates, attacking/stealing from other ships, and all this extra stuff in their ship game. AC needs to get back to roots, focus on the plot, and change it up. Since clearly they don't give a crap about Desmond, lets get some one off assassins. An Egyptian Assassin, a World War Assassin, a Samarai Assassin. Switch it up a bit.
  • It's most likly a QTE.. settle down people. Lol
  • I love the added features to this new AC, let's see if they pull it all together though.

  • I just finished AC3 and loved it.  I really like the colonial times theme and I'm a fan of games set in tropical locations so as you can imagine I'm very pumped for AC4.  The hardest part will be waiting for my PS4 to launch/ship before I can dive into this game.

  • Nice addition. I hope AC4 will play better than 3.

  • I like the look of the game I just wish that this was a separated game from AC, if it was ubisoft will have more creative freedom to add things to the game, for example I wish game similar to one piece, yes with powers and that kind of things.

  • If they're anything like the ones in Far Cry 3, I'm scared.

  • This games gonna be sick.

  • Is there whaling in this game? (I'm not sure if this question is politically correct)
  • I am speechless.....D1P

  • This will not help my fear of swimming in video games...
  • Remember when this game had an assassin? No? Well, neither do I.
  • This really sells the game! Wow...
  • Make Assassins Creed IV the complete opposite of Assassins Creed III, in every way, and I will happily buy it.

    Save for the name, I guess. They should probably keep that.

  • Am I the only one getting bored of almost all games in general? Very few video games entertain me for more than a few hours any more, because they're all the same. And I'm not just cynical, its just getting to be where every game just about is a carbon copy of another, save for a few.
  • God damnit i really wanna hate this game cuz this series starting to look like CoD *** out games every few months and they killed Desmond which is something i hate but this game is looking really good.
  • Cool.

  • ps4 for me ill rent