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  • I cant say enough how excited I am for this new Assassins Creed III. I have read multiple articles on this new game and I am amazed and anxious for it! Lets just hope its not a total flop like some hyped games are *cough cough* Fable III. 

    When I read into the game a bit, I was amazed at the new environment they are trying to convey... Nothing against the Middle East but I felt that each game after the first Assassins Creed was no different than the first one. This new setting is not only exciting but historical... I love that.

    I give kudos to the company for advertising it this early... I am VERY anxious for a game that is like 5 months away. Sometimes I feel its just torture.


  • I have to agree with you about this amazing environment; and the fact that players will now have the ability to climb trees is something that just makes Assassin's Creed 3 even better.

  • I will miss Ezio though... But can't wait for this game!!!!

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