Assassin's Creed III makes one thing clear from the beginning: It's ambitious. The world feels more open and alive than any of the previous entries. Thankfully the fun gameplay mechanics are still existent in their truest of forms. With some added improvements.

I loved having more offensive opportunities in my arsenal created by the many different types of weapons, as well as the selection within each type. Each type feels different and adds a breath of fresh air to the combat.

The frontier provides many opportunities to explore and I found myself spending an hour or two there before realizing I was not starting the mission I was setting out for. The hunting is fun, and provides a nice side activity. The feather hunt was a bit underwhelming, and the reward was meager for the work needed.

The homestead mini-game is quite fun as well. Recruiting new people to provide crafting and services ended up being one of my favorite activities in the game. I loved sending out the trade convoys for easy cash. And selling hard earned pelts from hunting gave an added sense of accomplishment. That being said, the trade/craft UI was a pain. I felt like I was slogging through it most of the time. A little more attention here and this could have been extremely addicting. As it stands, it actually ended up feeling like a chore near the end of the game.

The story shines and hits closer to home as it is finally based in America. The historical events the developers tapped into were excellent choices, and I got a huge kick out of providing an "alternate" story to said events. The voice acting is excellent as well.

Your main targets feel more human than any of the previous entries villains. There is a shade of grey that the development team nailed.

Bugs still exist in the game, but you can look past them.

Graphics 8.75/10
Sound 9.25/10
Playability 8.5/10
Entertainment 10/10
Re-playability 6/10