The Step into a new direction

First of all i played all ac games out there except the vita ones. Im a Fan of the Original Game and most of its parts. 

But when ac3 was released i really got many mixed reactions. North America ok well not quite in the timeline of ac series. I think one of the main fitting points of the previous games was the timeline in the medievil time. In my Eyes an assasins fighting with knights is fitting cause in the close combat area it makes sense. Now back in the Age of gunpowder you see another assasins creed. Almost all Enemys got rifles :o and no one hardly uses them. Its funny to see that 5 rifle reds cant harm you as much as some knights in constantinople throwing stones at you, during the climb to a house roof.


From the wrong time setting we come to the new features in the series. Fighting most time is just the same as in the previous ones. You can rope a person up to a tree branch which is fun but not really usefull during combat. The main thing in ac3 is :o you are not limited anymore to the citys you going free roam well kinda. YOU CAN CLIMB TREEEEES !!!! O.O!!!!! well market ones on specific spots. I  like that feature its fun to pace through the treeroofs but its not that wow thing. 

The naval battles are kinda fun but in my eyes it totally feels seperated from the game like an addon. I completed the game first and did 2 naval missions that was it.

What i never understood is that ubisoft managed to not go on with new develops but to simply trash them in the next ac part. There are no base defenses, the assasins guild and missions kinda feel pretty boring compared to relevations or brotherhood. Where did the defense missions go?

The Craft and Sell parts from your home arent fun confusion and not easy to manage

Its still an enjoyable ac game but only a real decent one from the series. The Story isnt as catching as the previous ones and without spoiling too much it even comes to silly points which aint fit at all to an assasin. I mean a assasin hides in the dark stabbs from the back and not standing in the first line of an army commanding them 

Oh ye new weather :o first nice impression then especially the snow really hurts after a while since there is everywhere much snow and it ends up in moving slow around the map

The naval missions are fun but they aint got much to do with the main thing from the series stealth climbing and close combat

Which brings me to my sum up of ac3. Its the first real milking part of the series. So many things just aint fit in the ac theme. the new features are nice but also a step away from the original formula which made the game great 

Final conclusion if you get the game cheap its still an enjoyable ac game but definately not the best in series 

in the end the main question isnt answered :o when will we get an female assasin

after the great ratings of acIV im pretty sure it will feel the same like ac3 new features doesnt fit timeline doesnt fit which brings it to the real question at the end?

Why do publishers milk a series so much?

Hadnt ac3 been a good time to make a new ip which offers you more freedom to try out new things then manipulating the core formula to make it fit in not planed settings just to sell another game ?



pros: its an assasins creed game, nice climbing and parkouring 

cons: not fitting time, not memorable new features, weak storyline

End of review wait not yet hail the assasin minion