There are many awesome things about this game, but the part that initially lured me in was the concept. You play as a Native American assassin who aims to rid the colonies of Templar (British) influence. You fight alongside George Washington and many other important Revolutionary figures and through many important battles of the American Revolution. This gives the player an experience unlike anything I have ever experienced. The graphics are very crisp and contribute to the immersive feel of this staggering colonial world. The vegetation and wildlife are very beautiful and realistic. The gameplay is pulled off well and gives the player a wealth of activities to partake in. Anything from fighting the British forces on Bunker Hill, to playing a game of checkers in a tavern, to managing your finances and the inhabitants of your expansive homestead. The controls are easy to learn and the hot key feature comes in handy for switching out weapons and equipment on the go. This game has very high replay value and you can have hours of fun simply hunting in the Frontier or harassing the redcoats guarding colonial cities. Another thing that make this game great is the environment. The cities are very detailed and are filled with markets and shops and people walking through the streets, just like it would have been back in the 1770's. I would have liked to see a larger number of these cities available to travel to, however. You only have the option of going to Boston or going to New York. Not to say that these cities aren't well designed and fun to be in, I just would have liked to see more of them. My one MAJOR complaint is that the credits sequence is so unbearably long that you could stand up, go get something to eat, go to the bathroom, sit back down, and the credits wouldn't even be halfway done. I almost went insane just watching the credits roll up the screen for at least a good half an hour. Other than that, the game is fantastic. Great voice acting, fluid animations, nice graphics, you name it. This game just blew me away.