Ok, first off this game isn't a full 10, that's a bad mistake. Iam a die hard AC fan and this game at least needs to get 8/9ish points you can't argue with that score and if it's a 10 please explain why there's a reason why their called reviews.

Love: I just love this game a lot, the history was awesome and Connor was a good independent character of his own. The things you just can't fight about is the improvement of the fights, I who played AC2 and AC bloodlines and I was confused as heck getting use to the new buttons. But knowing that I can defend as well attack with the right moves on certain enemies, newbies and die hard fans pretty much don't have to worry about health but worry about completing the game 100% that's a working in progress.  And the naval missions are awesome a lot of fans love those of course its tricky to master perfectly but keep trying you get the hang of it. The other major difference we finally can climb trees! it was about time we can run away or kill enemies on the trees, that's what we call interactive gameplay.

Hunting is fun and gets you a lot of money, and the animals are pretty realistic as well interactive makes you watch a baby deer play with the mom but you have to kill the mom in order to get that money and mission completed kinda sad : ( [ex: new york south side items etc.] And the assassin recruits it's fun for them to help you escape, kill and pretend to have you arrested have fun with those and my secret to have you recurits into assassin let them fight with you when your exploring around that's how I got mine completed after I finish the game after few days. And how we get to actually play a Templar at the begining was a mind blowing but awesome event may the father of understanding guide us.

Hate: Starts with a G and ends with an itch, glitches -.- ughhh, those dang glitches pretty much ruined the 10 rating it really did. Everyone complained about it and yeah don't blame them like come on I played AC2 it didn't have that much glitches as in AC3 you have horses twitching like a maniac and wagons running over people lol, and I don't know if Ubisoft knows or any of you have witness this but if you did reply to this review and tell me you did. The big glitch I had in Boston was where you were near that fort and if you check your map and see campsite filled with the soldiers I swear the ones who were dress kinda like the british but are americans get shot by some group who wear brown hats. It's like a massive suicide murder and if I got near the boys in brown hats or the dead bodies they start chasing me O.O weird. Anyway another issue the freezing in multiplayer trying to play artifical hunt or so and it freezes seriously Ubisoft so many issues. Now what's becoming my pet peeve and its really annoying for the last time, the Connor tantrum. He's boring he lack emotion etc. etc. etc. look people he has a sad past mom got killed while his village is burning he was a KID unlike Ezio his father and brothers got killed when he was a young MAN. This saddens me when a lot of these people lack creativity and being in Connor shoes how can you be happy and go lucky after what happen in the game?

Ubisoft did a good job on Connor I don't care who says Iam wrong because this is Connor a Native American Assassin, who thought Charles Lee was the suspect when it was really Washington the man he pretty much follow as a leader pretty much betrayed him you know. Connor and Ezio are different as well as Altair, Connor is his own man he doesn't need to copy out of any other Assassin to please certain Altair or Ezio lovers etc. Noah Watts (voice of Connor) said so himself in the youtube interview with Loomer that the fans see Connor as Connor not Ezio or Altair, and if you see him so lack of personality and he seems depressing then don't play the game simple as that seriously. And also the multiplayer + single player dlc I don't know but Iam pissed that I can't keep playing AC3 because all there dlc cost money yeah Ubisoft way of thinking economical instead of us people who are struggling to get cash while others don't should've give some for free that's my major upset those dang not free dlc's. Though I cannot wait for Ubisoft future installments hopefully we can see what happens to Connor as well the fate of the world.

(The boys in brown hats who kill the american soldiers)

(the british looking but american soldiers in the near fort boston murderer glitch)

May the father of understanding guide us. -Haytham

In the name of liberty, I will fight the enemy regardless of their allegiance. While men of courage write history of this day, the future of our land depends on those who are truly free. -Connor

Loomer's Interview with Noah Watts