First off i'm going to say that Connor was good. He is not Ezio (smooth talking ladies man) nor should he be. My problem with the game streams from more fundamental problems with a few more specific problems.


Way to glitchy. It is arguably more glichy and freezy then previous AC titles. Sometimes I find myself going to play a different game because It keeps freezing as soon as I start the game. Multiple times, in different spots.

They made run and climb the same button, this makes chasing after someone unbearably painful. As soon as your target makes a sharp turn anywhere, you will most likely find yourself up a tree or building wasting time. 

The over all story is, meh. You never stay around characters long enough to feel attached most of the time. There are no "leonardo Da Vinci" type characters. Heck you never upgrade your equipment at all (get to that more later). There was just so much wasted potential in the time line and events.

Like stated before, there is no equipment updates. There is no armor upgrades, no buying and repairing your homestead (though you do get people to move there and add on by side missions) The only thing that is slightly the same as upgrading Rome or villa is your ship but it doesn't really add any extra flare to it.Which really stinks since you end up making money just so you can spend it on things to make you more money. Other than your boat there is no outlet to your money but a couple of weapons...that you don't need...because they do not extra damage or anything like that.


Music was good

the added hunting was interesting and enjoyable

naval battles were probably the best part of the game. (IMO) I'm starting to wonder if that was not where all their focus went.

The homestead was interesting even if you couldn't upgrade it or design it the way you wanted to. The added "encyclopedia of the common man" was very interesting


in short, I hope Ubisoft learns from this and goes back to a more 2 or brotherhood formula. I probably won't pick up another AC now unless the reviews (player reviews) are good. If this game was on it's own and not following the legacy of 2, I wouldn't feel so bitter, however knowing what this game could of been leaves me disappointed.