Yes. I admit it. I jumped into the Assassin's Creed franchise midstream if you will; my only previous experience was with the spin-off games for the DS and the PSP. I still have yet to play AC I, II, Revelations, and Brotherhood. But from playing the spin-offs, I got a sense of the story. So, having finally acquired a PS3, it made sense to put in a preorder for AC III. Plus, it was set in the time of the American Revolution, and that is one of the classic historical periods of history. I will eventually go back and play the others, because those are from my most favorite times in history. But I digress...let's review!

My sister and I started off the game with no idea what was going to go down. Since we only have one PS3 controller at the moment, hours of passing it back and forth made it lots easier to accomplish different quests; my sibling is quite adept at stealth kills and sneaking around. I on the other hand like to barge into a group of redcoats and begin bludgeoning them.

Haytham Kenway's story was my favorite part; the real plot twister that was thrown out there at the end of his saga was a real kicker to me; he's my personal favorite to play in AC III. The beauty of the scenery and the smoothness of the actions made up for the few glitches we found here and there.

The game is much bigger than I imagined, having not played a full blown AC game for the major consoles. It is incredible all the neat things that can be accomplished, from running your own plantation to following the storyline or recruiting people and turkeys to your cause. Yes, apparently the Easter egg is recruiting an Assassin Turkey. Go forth, Gobbler Assassin!

The depth of the characters starts off well enough, but when we come to Connor, he seems a little flat, not much to him until much later in the game, when he starts figuring out how to work his honor with reality. Meeting famous people is fun, but I don't suggest going and talking to Benjamin Franklin as Haytham Kenway. He discourses for a good 10 minutes in real time on the virtues of having an older woman or younger woman, and having a wife and a mistress at the same time. All I wanted was some info on gathering his stupid almanac pages, not his views on an older woman's ability to perform in bed.

Glitches abound, but are not too horrible; the most annoying was mounting a horse and getting no sound whatsoever. We still need to download patches...

Amusingly, there are plenty of opportunities to screw up royally. One such time, we met George Washington in a rather bloody situation: those two forsaken cannons in the Haytham storyline are rather bad luck for the Founding Father. After completing the lovely follow-and-listen stage, my sister decided to go disable the cannons. She sneaked up on the very soldiers we had eavesdropped on, and proceeded to thrust the assassin's blade between George Washington's shoulder blades. We didn't know until that moment that it was indeed The Father of His Country. At 1:15am, this was rather was killing Paul Revere because he was too freaking annoying when we were attempting to scale a Sync Point on the midnight ride. We would have changed the course of history forever...

Cheers till next time!