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Assassin's Creed III

Desmond's Role Put Into Perspective

Ubisoft is well aware of the lukewarm fan response that Desmond has garnered in the Assassin's Creed series. The game's creative director says that by the end of Assassin's Creed III, those same players could very well change their opinions. If you haven't yet formed an opinion on the character, Ubisoft has released a new trailer that chronicles Desmond's journey throughout the series.

“The story of Assassin’s Creed, AC II, Brotherhood and Revelations was to build Desmond up,” creative director Alex Hutchinson told Edge. “He’s this guy who’s a bit of a nobody when it starts out, and gets new abilities through reliving the lives of his ancestors.

“So we’ve built this guy up over the course of the games, and I really believe that we can pay that off, and in retrospect he’ll be terrific. I don’t think anyone really liked Luke Skywalker in [Star Wars] A New Hope, but by the end of his character arc, this journey that he goes through, makes him amazing.”

One thing's for sure: Players will be able to pick up the game on October 30 and make up their own minds.

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  • He's so... Clean Shaven!
  • The final boss fight had better be Desmond vs. Daniel Cross.
  • Okay, that trailer was cool up until they used the European way of displaying month/date/year. This game(and most of its modern-day characters) are supposed to be in America.
  • Now that I watched it, that was pretty awesome!
  • o_o that sounds awesome...
  • what's Conner all about then?
  • Great trailer, hopefully they dont mess with all the character appearances again like they did with revelations
  • Maybe Desmond will stab the right people this time?
  • I don't understand... some people disliked Desmond? That was a thing? I thought the only complaint about Desmond was that there was little to no story progression for him over the course of four games.
  • I think it may be my gut instinct and how I always laugh at doomsday theories..but they lost me about 1/2 way through. I ended up just rolling my eyes and thinking about Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.
  • 11 days! I hope there's an achievement for playing on December 21 2012
  • People don't like Desmond? That whole story-line is the reason I play Assassins Creed...
  • I love Desmond. He's a great character in my opinion. My only fault with him is how he always looks a little different in each game. His face seems to morph to more resemble the ancestor who's memories he is experiencing at the time.

  • just 1 week left to wait
  • in the past games all desmond gave me was a sense of being pulled out of the game to do some boring task which would leave me hoping not to see him again.maybe ubisoft can pull this off and if not maybe they will give us some dlc that kills him off.
  • "I don’t think anyone really liked Luke Skywalker in [Star Wars] A New Hope"

    Um... what?

    Look, I don't really have an opinion on Desmond. I don't hate him, I don't love him. It's just that his story is one of the least interesting parts of Assassin's Creed. The ENTIRE reason I love Assassin's Creed is because I love getting to experience a historical period through the eyes of an assassin. Ezio's (and even Altair's) story was FAR more interesting and engaging than Desmond's, and I'm sure Connor's will be as well.

    I get that they're trying to focus on Desmond too, but you can't really care about a character that you only see for maybe 10% of the game experience. To me, he (and the rest of the present day story) is just a context for the actual story that you experience in the animus.

    If they do something in AC3 where Desmond becomes the main focus of the story, that's all well and good, but don't forget why people play these games in the first place. It's not because they just love walking around the Assassin's HQ as Desmond. It's because its an absolute blast to immerse yourself in the time period that each game takes place in.

    Besides, Assassin's Creed has too many storylines anyways. I love the individual stories of the assassin's, I sorta care about the overarching war with the Templars, but when they started adding the First Civilization/Doomsday crap, it just lost me.
  • That was epic! I've always been a fan of Desmond and I'm eager to see how is story is concluded in AC 3. October 30th can't come fast enough! P.S. Who else lost it when they saw Desmond with his hood up?
  • I think it's weird how there's a split between what people like with the games. Some people really just enjoy going back in time, and then there are the others that just want to see where the story of Desmond is going. I love it all.
  • So he has the apple now?
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