On this just like the title implies is the guide to the game of manhunt on ac brotherhood.


The one thing i love on manhunt is retards who try to run forward while im walking, it creates the easiest kill possible. On defense when your attacker rushes you can see a red mark go above them. mark them  throw a smoke bomb, then stun.

2. the wall attack

If youre on the attack and your target is in a morphed group, find a wall and obstruct the view, when your marker isnt electric blue any more thats the one you mark and kill.

3. The side killer

When on the attack if you are close to your target, switch targets, a secondary marker will show up alerting you of their direction. kill them for easy points.

4.why not to use hay

Ive seen many teamates die because of there retardedness of going in a haystack. the first thing i check is the haystack since its such an easy kill unfortunately it alerts the enemy of your presence.

5. the rude killer

When on the attack if you see your teamate is using templar vision the first one he marks kill that person because its definitely the right person and instead of him getting a high score now you do.