After the ending of Assassin's Creed II (don't worry, i wont give it away here)(and especially the Subject 16 Glyph challenges!) we couldn't wait for Assassin's Creed III! however, the next game isn't called Assassin's Creed III, it's called Brotherhood, and we're set back into the shoes of Desmond and Ezio once again. Thought this is not Assassin's Creed III, it's the next full edition in the installment, and i'm itching for answers. So does Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood satisfy our craving, all while including a new multiplayer mode, or will this become a highly anticipated disappointment?


The game looks quite fantastic. it takes place in Rome sometime after the Fall of Rome. Not only does Rome look great, but it portrays the history of it quite precisely as well. it's a huge city, and almost every building is climbable. it's quite awesome. the graphics in general look pretty sweet.

The voice acting is as successful as ever, and the soundtrack is nearly perfect. it just fits the game real well.

what's reallly impressive is seeing all the vast amount of people roaming around Rome (aha), and the games presentation isn't effected by it.


After a short intro/recap, Brotherhood picks up right where it's predecessor left off. both within Desmond's and Ezio's story. Desmond and the group of present day Assassins had to leave their hideout in search of a new one, and this time they've moved to the old villa featured in ACII. from here they continue Desmond's memories back into Ezio's

Likewise, Ezio's story begins with an dead where it left off. unfortunatey due to the actions of the last game, an attack on the villa from pope, and previous antagonist from ACII, Rodrigro Borgia, which is lead by his son Caesare. Out for Redemption and Revenge, Ezio set's out to Rome to confront Rodrigo and Caesare and finish the events from ACII.

here in Rome, Ezio must rebuild the Assassin's Brotherhood from scratch, and work to eliminate Caesare and win back the mysterious Apple of Eden.

The story is build quite well, and though the main story quest is rather short, there is an abundance of side quest to add to the story and each chain of side quest adds on in its own way. we'll get more on that later. but because of the shortness of the main quest, i highly suggest taking the time to do the sidequest and get the story built larger through them. also, it's unfortunate that after you beat the main quest, some of the side quest missions won't make too much sense story wise.


This game plays identical to ACII with some slight improvements. you'll scale building, engage in large sword fights, be stealthy and assassinate, all sorts of stuff.

some areas have significant improvement. for instance the combat. instead of only being able to counter attack enemies as in the previous games, now you can counter 1 attack, and then chain it into attack on other surrounding enemies and wreak havoc. it's hard to explain, but it's awesome. 

There are some new stuff as well. a good example are the "Leonardo's Invention" missions where you have to find an invention made by Leonardo, where you then make use of it before destroying it to keep it out of Borgia hands. All while recruiting Assassin's for your new brotherhood. These missions are quite fun indeed.

Ezio also has a large disposal of newer improved weaponry such as the poison darts, now allowing you to poison enemies from a distance.

One of the big things from ACII was renovating the Villa. now with ACB, you actually renovate the entirety of Rome. as you renovate, you take back land from Borgia control. you also do this by eliminating Borgia towers, making Rome almost into a territory war. it's quite a ton of fun. even better is you can call on your new Assassin recruits to come to your aid!

However Rome is all there is. as before where there were several cities to visit, now you're confined to Rome. at first this seems bad, but Rome is HUGE. so no worries there.

There is a huge abundance of side missions to do and as i explained before, take the time to do these. the main quest are far to short on their own and all these side quest are a ton of fun. i put a ton of hours into getting near 100 percent. there's seriously so much to do, my map was a blur of different markers and i didn't even know where to start! there's a ton of content here, and all reap their own rewards.

the glyph puzzles return and there's a new virtual training section which is also fun located in the menu. this game will take up a ton of time. all of it well spent.


new to the Assassin's Creed series is the online multiplayer. there's really nothing else like it. it's quite hard to explain. the major modes consist of killing other player all while remaining anonymous. you'll have a target to kill and at the same time you're someone elses target. it's a really cool concept and you just got to play it to see for yourself.

there is a leveling system unlocking you new character skins and abilities, but i didn't find the multiplayer appealing enough for me to go to  deep into it. some people really enjoyed this section, but i prefer to stick to the campaign.


There's a ton of stuff within Brotherhood. you just have to go out and get it. sticking to the main quest alone won't prove to last, so take advantage of all the extra content! i had an incredible urge to get 100%, and i'm damn near close! it's a ton of fun and enough content for you to play for months. for those wanting to get into the story i do suggest to play ACII first where Ezio's story begins. This game is vast.