So we all agree that the last AC game as better than the first right? Than could we say that this one is better than AC II? Yes we can. The fact is, that Ubisoft put its heart and soul into trying to make Brotherhood better than the first, and in that regard they have succeeded. The story itself is better than the last with even more twists and turns than the last, maybe it is rushed but that is minimal. Cesare makes the perfect baddie to face Ezio this time around, which makes it all the more fun. The post game distractions and in-game distractions will make your head do a 180 as you traverse through Rome. The look of the game has become 10x as better than the last game, making you sit and stare in awe of the majesty of Rome. Multiplayer also makes a worthy addition to the AC Universe and is the final nail in the Awesomeness Coffin. I will say again for any who read this, if there are things in this game that are bad they are things that can be worked around or are minimal.