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How To Quickly Get the No Hitter Achievement

Assassin's Creed 2

How To Quickly Get the No Hitter Achievement

Well, unless you're skilled enough to do this, stop reading. I know i wasnt so I devised a plan and it worked. Here it is:

Go to Venice and make sure you have three smoke bombs. Begin to run around in the restricted zones and make sure you have a crap load of guards following you. Once you think there are enough, turn around and throw one or two smoke bombs. With your hidden blades begin to perform single and simoltanious kills. If the smoke runs out put another and keep killing until you achievement comes up.

It's as easy as  that.

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  • Heck yeah. Thanks this is awesome! Works really well!

  • this is easy to do.

    I did this and i suck at the game.

  • ok

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