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ACII - Tips and Tricks

Assassin's Creed 2

ACII - Tips and Tricks


This guide will give small tips and hints about things that I have found work really well in the game. There are no mission guides or the locations of all the glyphs just tips.


Roof Guards

The guards on the roof have a sixth sense about when someone is up on the roof with them. They don't need to see you to know you're there. If given time they can do some serious damage so its best to either get off the roof or dispatch of the guards quickly. The game advises you to use throwing knives, but this is not the best way. The best thing to do is actually run right up to the guard and stab them with the hidden blade. They almost never defend against it and die in one shot. Once they are dispatched you can go about your business.


Fighting Groups

When fighting a group it can be difficult to keep them all at bay if they attack at the same time. One way to quickly eliminate guards, this only works on the lesser guards aka the less armored ones, is to wait for an opening and grab them. This allows for a quick kill as once you grab them they can't block your slice to their throat. IT is a good way to get the numbers down quickly.

In fist fights you may want to use strategy, but the best thing to do is just wail on your opponent. They do a poor job of defending and are taken down quickly. Again try and use the grab to inflict some good damage.


More coming

When Running

When you are running do not hold the climb trigger down on rooftops you may end up dead or in the water it is quite frusterating.

  • a tip for all of you who have ac2 once you have the poisen hidden blade strick someone and then strick with the normal hidden blade and you get the acheivment caled "strick while there down":-p

  • great game!!!! cant wait till AC3

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