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  • Blog Post: Great game, finally got it and reserved the third one

    I honestly cannot wait to see the third Assassin's Creed come out More
  • Blog Post: Perfect Story, Less Than Perfect Gameplay

    I've always loved open world games. From the classic GTA 4 to the newer Batman Arkham City. Assassin's Creed 2 has a terriffic open world type game, with an emotional story and an expert controls. Graphics are pitched to perfection, especially cloth, which is no easy task in games. Yet, the story... More
  • Blog Post: One-Upping with Two Blades

    Wow. The feeling I was left with when I finshed this masterpiece. When the credits rolled on Assassins Creed II, my mouth looked like that creepy dude from Legion. The sequel to one of the greatest games of 2007 takes everything you think you know about history and makes you think twice about it. Story... More
  • Blog Post: Assassin's Creed II - Fantastic Death Dealing

    As a forward to this review I would like to point out I am highly critical of media these days. From games to movies I feel they all seem to lack what they once had. So, when I say something is good I really mean it. On to the review! Summary Assassin's Creed II continues the story from the first... More
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