Viceral has brought me back into the Army of Two fold. I have played all 3 iterations of the series. In my opinion, The devils Cartel is the most exciting of the three. Hectic shootouts, brilliant explosions and adrenalin inducing violence has snagged me in hook, line and sinker. Alpha and Bravo may not have awe inspiring names, but you DO build a relationship with the characters if you play the game the way you would play any other story driven game. But bear in mind this is not a story driven game. Its a lead fueled, explosion driven game meant to be enjoyed with a friend. The co-op which may seem unimportant is actually backed by a point system that increases as you preform more co-op actions. These points are spent on upgrades to weapons, masks and gear. Side missions such as OVERKILL highlight the games overkill mechanic where you become an invincible lead spewing machine racking up the dead and destroying everything in your path. 

Whats missing are a few things. Special weapons. This was disappointing.Character interaction, such as high five, fist bump are all gone. Multiplayer is also non existant.

Whats added is the mask creator is now in game and not online. The action is heavier and more intense and MOST IMPORTANT. THE GAME IS MORE FUN.