My brother-in-law and I played this on Tuesday when it came out and beat it that day after 10 hours of play.  All in all, the game was extremely fun co-op and very entertaining.

There were big explosions and the action was fun as hell.  We didn't see any glitches and the firefights were very smooth.

Weapon and character customization is always extremely fun in the AoT games and this game didn't disappoint.

The story was meh but you don't play an AoT game for the story, you play it for the co-op with a buddy.  Flanking and Overkilling enemies was pretty awesome and satisfying.  There were a couple parts where it seemed that the game dragged out but otherwise, we thought the game was extremely fun and one of the funnest co-op games we've played.  And we've played them all!

The bottom line, the game was extremely fun and I had a blast playing it.  The story wasn't that great.  The action and firefights were fun as hell and the weapon customization was great.  The game also lasted a little longer than I thought it would at around 8-10 hours.  This game was meant to be played with a friend.

I didn't give it a 10 because like I mentioned before, the story kind of sucked and there were a couple drawn out moments.  If you want a fun, co-op shooter, this is the game!