The Gameinformer review gets it right. The game is moderately paced with predictable story turns, and unimaginative writing. The "bro speak" is still juvenile, but funny and enjoyable none the less. The controls are slightly tighter than previous entries in the franchise. All of these aspects were axpected by me. There were no real surprises anywhere in the gameplay. EXCEPT one, the unlockable upgrades for both the weapons and the masks (especially the masks), kept me playing for hours. I would have put this game down after an hour or so, but the endless possibilities for custom masks and upgrading your weapons (as well as customizing the look of your weapons) kept me playing for hours. I finished the game because I just couldn't get enough of the upgrades, and the customizing possibilities.

Altogether, a predictable experience with some particularly cool high notes! 

Definitly worthy of a few hours of your time.