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Army of Two: The 40th Day Blog Guidelines
  • Can army of two be a best shooter nominee? NO

    I really didn't want to get 40th day at first, but on a rainy day, I tried it. The results: not complete failer, but still a bummer. This co-op tps doesn't really deliver. Graphics are good. They can be pretty good sometimes. Afew times ehh, but... More
  • Forty days forty nights

    Armay of two is a decent enough game. The camra is bad and so is the online. On the bright side playing through the campang with your buddies is fun and so is makeing chosies. The chosies dont make much change but are still fun to make. The story mode... More
  • EA's shooter has exciting core gameplay, but two mercs don't make an army.

    The original Army of Two co-op shooter launched a few years ago to good sales - so it makes good sense that EA Montreal would pump out a sequel to bring more fans into the experience. Army of Two: the 40th Day gives center stage to the core co-op shooting... More
  • Army of 2 40th Day was way too fast paste

    Army Of 2 40th Day will have you dissapointed with not enough missions and a short story. The game although kept me busy for a day -(yep only took a day to beat)- It really depends how long you play the game in a surtain amount of time but its a game... More
  • The Fall of Shanghai

    Welcome to Shanghai. Well, when you're playing Army of Two: The 40 th Day, you'd more likely think it is hell. That's not a bad thing either. The collapsing city of Shanghai is way more interesting and explosive than any environment you came... More
  • better than the first.

    a week before the game came out i bought army of two 1 and i hated it. i hated it because i couldnt run and a lot of other things i could do in the demo of army of two the 40 day. so part 1 sucked. part 2 rules. (kinda) the story line is kinda dumb. you... More
  • Review - Army of Two: The 40th Day

    Army of Two: The 40th Day (360) The gun-toting, wise-crackin' bros are back in EA's sequel to the fun-but-mediocre third-person shooter Army of Two. Once again the focus is on two-player co-op and the relationship between Rios and Salem with a... More
  • Best co-op game ever, but only one problem that keeps it from being perfect.....

    Multiplayer online "lag" is the only thing thats keeping this game from getting a perfect 10 from me. Please EA Montreal, fix it. Its way better then the first aot, but its getting worse. Day one it was perfect, then i guess cuz more people... More
  • Way better then the first one.

    i was shocked when i got the halo reach GI magizine and saw that they gave this game a 6. i was really pissed of i thought it was a real improvment from the first one because A: the multiplayer is actuallty playable.B:the weapon creater is so freaking... More
  • Good sequel but does it match the first for Origionality?

    I found the mission scope from the first game to be "broader" ie aircraft carrier, china, usa etc. Dont get me wrong, using a hippo for cover is every videogamers dream! But the game could have used a broader location set for the game. Other... More
  • This game deserves more credit

    For me and my friend at college this game is amazing it is a very underrated co-op game that deserves a lot more credit than people give it. Controls at times can be frustrating but what game doesn't frustrate you with controls now and again. If you... More
  • Army of Two, Thr 40th day Review

    This is aperfect example of a game you can play with a friend ( no s@@t sherlock). All the games do plenty amount of damage on regular badguys. Unfourtenly, the controls sre alittle cluncky and it gets boring in campaign (unless you with a freind). More
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